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Feedback that Moves Writers Forward

How to Escape Correcting Mode to Transform Student Writing

Patty McGee, Corwin 2017

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The number one challenge of student writers today isn’t word choice, logic, voice, or even grammar and spelling—it’s the belief that they can write.

In Feedback That Moves Writers Forward, Patty shares how to’s for teaching that changes the writing-as-obligation vibe for good. She demonstrates the way feedback can inspire students to reach new heights as writers. With Patty’s help, you learn to:

  • Resign from your position as Corrector-in-Chief and be amazed as students eagerly take over responsibility for refining their writing

  • Apply the research on growth mindset and goal setting, whether you use a writing program or a workshop model

  • Use tone, trust, and language to quicken students’ discovery of their writing identities and take risks when they are stuck

  • Use student work to deliver clear, just-in-time feedback during planning, drafting, revising, and editing 

  • Use the online printable forms for delivering customized feedback with just the right wording 

  • Balance grading and feedback

  • Help writers reflect so they are better able to apply what they learned about content, craft, and style to their future writing

One of the bravest things we can do as teachers is to admit when a long held practice isn’t working. Error-focused feedback is one such practice. So put down the red pen, pick up this book, and learn to say the right thing at the right time to develop fearless, original, and intentional writers—in any content area.

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Anyone interested in teaching writing should read this excellent book on providing feedback—the ideas presented by Patty McGee can not only change how students write, but just as importantly help them develop an I-can-do attitude when it comes to writing.
— Steve Graham, EdD, Warner Professor, Mary Lou Fenton Teachers College, Arizona State University, and Editor of Best Practices in Writing Instruction

"Patty McGee provides a much-needed process for creating a nurturing environment that develops students' positive writing identities and skills while building on their strengths. Through this powerful feedback lens, teachers gain a wider view of how to empower novice writer to take risks, set goals, make choices, and reflect on their progress and writing."

—Terrel A. Young, EdD, Professor, Brigham Young University

"When reading a professional text, my experience has trained me to to expect one of three things: a book with a solid pedagogy, a book with practicality and on a lucky day--one with passion. I find it a rare gem when a text has all three and Patty McGee’s Feedback That Moves Writers Forward is one of these gems. With solid research and strategies galore, this book teaches us that feedback is individualized, specific, timely and--ultimately--what will motivate our students to find their unique voice as writers." 

-Katie McGrath, 6th Grade Teacher, Paramus, NJ


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